After several years of design and testing in Australia, for the Australian real estate industry BrightBoard Australia created a product to capture the night market with a patented illuminated For Sale sign the “BrightBoard”.

Our BrightBoard

In a highly competitive industry, standing out is very important and despite all the technology available today, the sign board is still one of the simplest and most effective tools for marketing real estate and property. Taking this a step further the BrightBoard provides real estate agents and private sellers with:

  • A premium high-end illuminated For Sale sign
  • An innovative custom made product designed for the real estate and property market
  • Assistance to Real Estate Agents to achieve maximum results for their marketing budget
  • The next generation in high level, high visibility outdoor signage

Key Features of the BrightBoard:

  • Premium quality sign, designed to impress under all Australian weather conditions, night and day
  • Vived LED light source that provides perfect illumination without glare or reflection
  • Maximise every opportunity for your property to be seen
  • Solar power, low voltage and fully automated meaning no maintenance
  • Available in different sizes and can be solar or hard wired

Why Use BrightBoard?

  • BrightBoard works for more hours than any other sign board
  • Helps your business and agents stand out from their competitors, while properties stand out from other homes through greater exposure.
  • Will draw more attention than any other static sign board on the market
  • Will maximise the chance of attracting the right buyer
  • Create more chances to sell

Is the best value sign board on the market

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